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What Is The Meaning Of ” Anticlimactic Là Gì, Nghĩa Của Từ Anticlimactic Trong Tiếng Việt


If an event or experience is anticlimactic it causes disappointment because it was less exciting than was expected, or happened immediately after a much more exciting event or experience :
There was so much publicity and hype beforehand that the performance itself was a touch anticlimactic.

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causing unhappiness by being less exciting than expected or not as interesting as something that happened earlier:
The announcement of his resignation was anticlimactic, as we all knew he could no longer stay in the job.
The history of the relationship between insurance and civil society, as usually told, is an anticlimactic narrative.
On the other hand, she will be struck by what seems a rather anticlimactic conclusion to a very well argued book.
Indeed, the play”s situation was almost bound to be better than its resolution, which by comparison seemed trite and anticlimactic.
However, he criticised some of the action scenes for a lapse into mano-a-mano action-horror clichs and felt that the resolution was anti-climactic.
The mercenary”s death represents an anti-climactic end to the fantastic strategic battle between the two.
Bernhard concludes by arguing that the end couplet, compared to the beautifully crafted logic of pathos created prior, is anti-climactic and redundant.
However, he criticized its ending as anticlimactic and for its failure to resolve themes involving several prominent characters.
She characterized her departure as anti-climactic and not a protest resignation, a corporate cost-cutting measure or a veiled firing.
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