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What Is Wondershare Helper Compact Là Gì, Was Ist Wondershare Helper Compact

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Wondershare helper compact is a program that is a part of the Wondershare DVD creator bundle. You get this bundle when you buy their Wondershare DVD creating software to their website. When you install the whole package, you also got wonder to share helper.exe file on your system that keeps this program that we are talking about.

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Wondershare Helper Compact?

According to the technical analysis, it is a program that develops or create pop-ups or notification windows at the time when you are making DVD or converting your files. In simple terms, I can say that the wondershare Helper Compact is like a guide for your operations that you perform with the main application.

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However, it is a legal program, but as I saw some forums and portals, I found out that it is hitting the systems and making them slower. This application is causing so many issues that some arrangement will crash due to its effect. So, first, we talk about one thing before reaching to the removal method that is it indispensable on your system.

All physical details of Wondershare Helper Compact .exe file

Properties and Details Details for suabnr
Location On system C:Program FilesWondershareDVD Creator
Developer Organization Wondershare Software

A supportive application of Wondershare DVD cutter

File Size  Approx 80MB On Drive
How You Get it Came with Wondershare DVD creator


Usage of Wondershare Helper Compact.exe

Before approaching the removal methods of this application, I want to give you an idea about what is the importance of it in your system. If you are in any business or content creator who needs the services of application Wondershare DVD creator, then it is compulsory to have on your order.

In that, it is not the right idea to delete it or remove it from your hard drive. However, you can stop all of the components of Wondershare DVD creator bundles through the task manager, and it will stop the slow down process of your system.

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You can stop its services by using the following steps:

1) Press the Windows icon Button + R on your keyboard to run the command prompt.2) now enter services.msc there, and you will see all the services running on your system.3) Find all the services related to Wondershare DVD creator and stop them by right click and pressing the STOP button.

How to Remove it

You need methods that save the original software but remove the helper compact entirely from your system. These methods will help you to do your work without thinking about slowing down your system automatically.

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1) Use any external uninstaller

To remove this application without troubling the leading software, you need to use some external uninstaller. You can use various kinds of uninstallers like IOBIT, Revo uninstaller, and many others to remove this specific .exe file from the system.

To remove the application, you need to install this software and then select the program that you are looking to withdraw from the system and uninstall it. This process takes so fewer times and obliterates the Wondershare Helper Compact from your PC.

2) Deleting the Files Related to Wondershare Helper Compact

In many cases, you uninstall or remove it, but Wondershare Helper Compact leaves some files to execute there to support the leading DVD maker software. In this case, you require to delete those unnecessary files manually. It will recommend you to get rid of from Wondershare Helper Compact.

So reach out for the location C:Program FilesWondershareDVD Creator here in your system and check subfolder Wondershare Helper Compact and remove all the files from it. In case it is running something on your PC, it will force it to shut down completely and release all the memory.

3) Uninstall Complete software In an emergency

If it is putting your system slow again and again after removing the Wondershare Helper Compact from your system’s application collection. So, You need to uninstall whole wondershare DVD maker software from your system. To remove it, you can directly reach for the control panel and remove all the applications and programs from there. Restart your computer and check for any problem related to it.

You can also get help from any antivirus to check that you did not get any virus on your system. So, scan it and delete any virus or threat you are having on your order.

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