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Biocides are active substances contained in products such as disinfectants and pesticides, as well as preservatives.

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We are talking here about insecticides, disinfectants, preservatives and products used to protect materials, to mention but a few.
The preservatives are used, naturally, in storage and for the preservation of food ready for the consumer.
Dealing with glycerine, alcohol and other alcoholic preparations for use as preservatives, no quantity is suggested and no minimum amount.
I cannot, of course, claim to have the scientific knowledge with which to judge of these particular preservatives.
The toxicity can come from the food we eat, nine-tenths of which contains colouring, flavouring, preservatives and other additives.
They are only allowed where there is a proven need; for example, preservatives are needed to protect against serious microbiological risks such as botulism.
Guidance on re-entry periods for occupants of buildings treated with wood preservatives appears on product labels.
If wood preservatives are needed, the note suggests that assessment is necessay to select which approved pesticide should be used.

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