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eliz.anweis for sharing part of your journey, hopes, ambitions and for your incitful advices to our students. Thank you

What”s happening onstage and behind at Center Theatre Goup. Roll up your sleeves and hang out.

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As a direct response to the pandemic interrupting Center Theatre Group’s community programs such as our free workshops and library play re…


Meet the Playwrights Behind the Community Stories Project

Despite a year of shutdowns and the closure of venues around the country, theatre has survived, and art continues to go on. That’s why we…


Meet the 2021 Sherwood Award Winners: D’Lo and Mikaal Sulaiman

“It was great because it wasn’t just for me–this is for us. This is for Black people. I hear a story that I see myself reflected in, a…

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In Not a Moment, But a Movement, 3 Theatres Join in the Pursuit of Elevating Black Artists

For Kemp Powers, 2021 has already been quite the year—and it’s only February. After over two decades of writing, Powers has finally had…


Playwright Kemp Powers takes Hollywood by storm before turning to our Digital Stage

In Elephant Room: Dust from the Stars, an eclectic triad of magicians turned astro-nots take you on a virtual trip through time and space. Y…


The Journey to the Elephant Room

Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month! Throughout the years, Center Theatre Group has produced many shows that celebrate Hispanic, Latinx,…

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