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Sunrise Là Gì – Nghĩa Của Từ Sunrise, Từ


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Slightly cooler-than-usual temperatures were recorded worldwide and brilliant sunsets and sunrises were attributed to the particulates this eruption lofted high into the stratosphere.
The relatively high latitude means early sunsets (as early as 4:15 pm) and late sunrises (as late as 8:10 am).
The centrepiece of the building is a 5000 m2 artificial beach, where a giant 150by40 m screen forms the horizon to offer sunrises and sunsets.
At 12 h after sunrise patches were removed from the experimental eyes and the lights were turned on.
Animals used for nighttime points (15, 18, and 21 h after sunrise) were put into the dark during twilight and used that night.
The process is not inexorable, however, since the late sunrises experienced by such places during the winter may be regarded as too undesirable.
Sunrise”s disappearance from the scene left a number of small publishers without the cash flow to continue, and they too went out of business.
Of thirty of these sidereal days is composed a month; a civil (savana) month consists of as many sunrises;: 13.
The horses were let out each morning at 0900 h (well after sunrise) and spent the day grazing in the fields.
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