Over T I Became Interested Over Time Or Over The Time


The situation will get better “with the time”.The situation will get better “over the time”.

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Frequently, I am encompassing these words. Confused!!


There are several prepositions that can be used before the word time. They are all employed to look at the future and mean much the same thing.

One can write that: The situation will get better..

in time

with time


over time

But none of these take the article the. Its use changes the meaning of the expression:

With the time for their departure nearing, they said their goodbyes.

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The test must be completed in the time allocated.


over the time” can only be extended to “over the course of time” which means “In or during the process of


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Is there any difference in meaning between “in time,” “with time” and “over time”?


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