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” Over Night Nghĩa Là Gì ? Nghĩa Của Từ Overnight Trong Tiếng Việt


Don”t forget to pack an overnight bag (= a bag for things that you need when you stay away from home for a night).

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Security, as much as politics, had led to their ascendancy, and their priorities did not change overnight.
Venous blood samples were obtained after an overnight fast at the beginning, middle and end of the study.
Places for overnight stay might therefore have been chosen with relation to nearby raw materials sources.
Our clients were convinced: we built the first flat screen trading room and became world-wide market leaders overnight.
The polymer was then dissolved overnight in a small amount of distilled water, and the final solution frozen and lyophilized.
The hemolymph of nonparasitized larvae was completely black when left overnight, while hemolymph from parasitized larvae was virtually unchanged.
A background spectrum was taken of the clean, dry crystal and the cell was filled with 70% ethanol for sterilizing overnight.

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Individual females were released into the centre of each cage and moths were allowed to oviposit overnight.
If plaintiffs lived in remote villages, they had to make overnight trips to the yamen courts in designated cities.
Accommodating relatives overnight is necessary when they travel a long distance, or because of their close involvement in housework or care tasks.
Maturities range more widely than those of sterling inter-bank loans, from overnight to one year and occasionally more.






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