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” Are You Ready Là Gì

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Secret information allowed the police to be ready and waiting when the robbers came out of the bank.

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A demand by the court to pay the tax claim immediately would destroy the firm because it does not have enough ready cash.
In consequence paint manufacturers who have specialised in paints suitable for war purposes will in many cases have readied record turnover figures.
Although one individual might be able to afford a case costing him £5,000, he might find it much more difficult to produce the readies for a case costing him £100,000.
We have readied a perfect state of things in the railway world, wherein a man or woman charged with wrongful conduct has to be informed of the complaint.
People were ready to combine efforts to obstruct any further act of (re)presentation in order to prevent their loss of control over it.
However, as the vehicle was readied for production, this emphasis on tractor-like usage decreased and the centre steering proved impractical in use.
The others ” ” did their bit” ” – as they are ready to boast – ” ” in work of national importance” “.
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a part of a ship or a flat area next to or on the roof of a house where you can sit and enjoy the sun

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